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top five nate moments in gossip girl

omg yesss you are so good to me with this question. Okay warning there is about to be a big wall of text here. Reminder to the uninterested that on most browsers you can skip posts by hitting J.

1. Okay so in season one Nate’s dad blames Nate for his baggie of coke that Nate’s mom found. Now Nate’s mom is having this totally weird talk with Nate about finding him treatment or whatever and Nate is just like going through these waves of sort of shocked and disgusted and just really really sad. And there’s this moment where he just goes “mom no this is serious I think dad has a problem”, just so heartbroken, just so trying to like have an actual conversation in REALITY which has never really been his permanent address but gah his  parents don’t even have a vacation home in reality and his mom totally switches gears in a way where clearly she knew what was going on the whole time and SHE SAYS, SHE ACTUALLY SAYS “well if you hadn’t been so difficult lately”. Which like um Nate wouldn’t know how to be difficult if you sent him a really detailed instruction booklet on it.  Oh or do you mean him maybe vaguely wanting to break up with his girlfriend and him maybe vaguely talking about wanting to go to college somewhere else than where you tell him he should go. Then yeah I GUESS DIFFICULT.

There’s another scene like this which I’m just going to lump in here where him, his dad and his mom are all talking to idk a lawyer or someone about stuff his dads arrest and his mom keeps giving him sort of shhh grownups are talking despite the fact that Nate is THE ONLY PERSON IN THE ROOM asking questions that are even vaguely relevant and grown up.

Fuck it AS LONG AS I’M TALKING ABOUT NATE AND HIS DAD. “you can stay here and earn my respect or you can leave through that service entrence and walk out of my life forever”, that time he was like “Dan don’t you understand that Serena just has crises to pull us all back in oh btw gotta go my dad’s having a crisis” because nobody on this show can ever take their own advice

2.  In Bad News Blair there’s the whole thing where Carter Baizen is like “Nate what if all this drugs and partying is just to mask how empty your life is” and it seriously BLOWS NATE’S MIND. Like he’s never thought about it before. Chuck! Hey Chuck! What if this isn’t actually just a super fun time! WHAT IF! And like I think that’s what’s so amazing about Nate is that he just really doesn’t know. Like in the first episode when he says “don’t we have a right just to be happy?” it’s not rhetorical, I think he’s just realized how unhappy he is. Because dude is SUPER disconnected from his own feelings. Like him and his feelings live on totally diferent planets. Like it took him like over the whole season break between three and four to put together hey maybe I’m mad at Serena. Because like… His personal feelings and opinions have never been important to the way his life happens. Like he has gotten no positive feedback ever for expressing or understanding his feelings so he just… He doesn’t know. Like after he broke up with Blair and he was like “I don’t know… I think maybe I miss her” like he was putting together clues to something he didn’t quite understand instead of like having a natural reaction to breaking up with someone he’d been dating practically since kindergarten. 

3. Okay so this next one is THREE moments but whatever, you’re the one who opened the floodgates of Nate feelings and they’re all from the same plot in the first half of season four SO! 

- Nate on the phone to Dan talking about how one of the best parts of spending the summer with Chuck’s little black book is that “he never has to eat dinner alone” because the thing about Nate is that he seems SO FUNCTIONAL but let him talk for more than five minutes and the saddest stuff will pop out of his mouth

- Nate has just met Juliet. He has also just told her his entire life story. She’s like hey maybe you should take control of your life and he’s like yeah and she’s like what if you do every single thing I say for a day and then that will make you become your own man and he’s like SOUNDS LEGIT.

- Nate and Vanessa set up a takedown of Juliet. Juliet tells Nate a sad story about her life. Nate immediately is suddenly dating Juliet for real again. This is why you never send Nate to fake date someone for a takedown. EVEN IF IT IS A TAKEDOWN HE ANGRILY ORGANIZES HIMSELF.

4. One of the things that’s so amazing about Nate to me is his sort of ever shifting loyalty. Like there was this progression of events where he went from totally no fuck my family I hate them and Vanessa was like aw hey, let’s give your family a try and then suddenly he was basically tossing out Vanessa for his family and then he was giving speeches about how he hated his family but then he was willing to lie to Serena about winning Carter Baizen in a game of poker in order to help his family something something politics.  And okay that’s not really a moment but like that’s so fascinating to me. Because I feel like one of the things Nate is characterized as a lot is “sweet” but he does a lot of really harsh shit it’s just that he’s always so sure that he’s in the right about it at the moment that it rarely feels like he’s a jerk the way every other character is. And like after he does something he’s just completely on to the next thing. Like he’s just very moment to moment and sort of whoever he’s talking to right then is the most important person but that could change in an instant.

5. Okay so in Age of Dissonance there’s this bit where Nate gives an angry speech and then storms off stage and THEN HE STORMS BACK ON AND LITERALLY SAYS “and another thing!” AND ANOTHER THING! He storms off stage and then storms back and says “and another thing”. I hope I don’t have to explain why that’s the most amazing thing because seriously it’s so amazing. 

HONORABLE MENTIONS: the time Nate says that he’s happy about something and then Serena’s like come on Nate when are you ever happy and then they both laugh like sunshine about being incredibly miserable people,  the time he was like “I told you that in confidence! ” all affronted to the duchess and she was like “you told me that in bed”, every single time a character has tried to fix their problems by making Nate date their problems, that time he was like NO CHUCK I’M GOING TO TAKE THE BUS, that time when he was like “I’ve alienated all my friends” when actually no sweetie remember you’re the one who’s angry at your friends, EVERY SINGLE THING HE HAS EVER DONE BASICALLY. You don’t even know. 

EVERY SINGLE TIME HE IS BETRAYED BY SOMETHING. The funny thing about Nate is that he’s the most incredibly passive human in the world. He will do whatever you want. Unless he catches you lying to him and then he will flip right out on you. “I thought you were different but you’re just like everyone I’ve ever met” he’ll say. Seriously. The dude is constantly gasp! BETRAYAL!!! And for some reason nobody ever realizes what if we just don’t lie to Nate and than he’ll definitely do whatever and not be upset. Like Vanessa straight up was like “oh yeah I stole that love letter you wrote to Jenny” and Nate was like it’s cool because he doesn’t actually care what anyone does as long as they don’t betray him about it.

OH SHIT WHAT ABOUT ALL OF HIS HILARIOUS FACES WHEN  HE WAS REALIZING THAT DAN WAS GOING TO DATE OLIVA WITHOUT KNOWING THAT SHE WAS A MOVIE STAR AND HE WAS LIKE YEAH SURE GO TALK TO HER. Seriously. Such good faces. Also everything about how Nate is the world’s biggest Eternal Knights fan. Because okay I talk a lot about how Nate is really sad but he is also REALLY FUNNY. And that’s important too.

okay stopping sorry. YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME. I seriously had like 1000 more moments I stopped myself from putting on this list. Whoops what is five.